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Want to Send a Student to College?

Scholarship Funds are easy to establish, then we do the rest.

Want to send a student to college?

Scholarship Funds are easy to establish, then we do the rest.


The quality of the current and future workforce is one of the biggest issues facing communities throughout the country and the answer is post-secondary degree, certification or credential attainment. Scholarships give students of promise as well as financially disadvantaged and nontraditional students the opportunity to improve their lives and ultimately contribute to the sustainability of Southwest Florida’s economy. You can create a scholarship geared to a specific interest or career path, support a certain high school or send a student to a particular college, university or technical college.


Endowed or Pass Through

At the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, scholarship funds can be endowed so that the scholarships can be awarded each year in perpetuity, or scholarship funds can be created as a “pass through” which will be funded fully or in part for a set period of time determined by the donor.


Renewable Scholarships

Through our experience working with our donors, we have found that many establish scholarship funds to not only send students to college but to help them reach the finish line with a degree or certification.  Renewable scholarships provide support for the full college experience for the scholarship recipients if they fulfill the established criteria each year. This is an option on all of our scholarship funds.


Scholarship Funds for Employees and/or Their Children

The Community Foundation works closely with local employers as well as groups such as country club members and others who wish to offer scholarships to their employees and/or their children or family members.  Following IRS guidelines for private foundations, we administer these programs to help foster higher education and continuing education programs.

Outside organizations or groups can handle their own process or utilize our online scholarship application portal.

Scholarship funds can be established with cash, publicly traded securities, closely held stock, IRA charitable rollover contributions, real estate, tangible personal property and interest in limited partnerships. Often groups will advertise and fundraise for their scholarships on an ongoing basis using our easy online giving portals.

Scholarships can be named to honor you or a special person, memorialize a loved one or show support of a school or field of interest.  Donors can establish their specific criteria, and we are here to help with our broad experience in administering nearly 100 scholarship funds each year.

Starting a scholarship fund is easy, and our team of specialists are here to help, we’re just a click away.  Click here or call 239-274-5900.