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When COVID-19 closed schools in the spring, it also shut down a primary food distribution channel for Brighter Bites, a nonprofit organization that stocks elementary school pantries with nutritious food...

Cone of uncertainty. The term crossed my mind as I watched reports on Tropical Storm Arthur, which flared up before hurricane season even officially began. We’ve grown  accustomed to hearing...

This column is difficult for me to write as it hits close to home.  My birth year of 1963 places me on the cusp of the baby boomer generation, and...

Recently I heard the Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto, speak on the culture of collaboration in his City.  Pittsburgh is a big-time sports town, so he used a striking sports...

My friend had tears in her eyes as she shared her visit with a woman she hadn’t seen in years at an assisted living complex in town. The facility was comfortable...

A friend invited me to lunch last week.  Not long ago she had a highly successful career, owned her own business, and was a leader in her field.  Those were...

It’s all gone.  That was the message delivered by my friend who emailed to let me know that the home shared by multi- generations of her family had been lost...

by Janelle Beaber, Director of Project Advancement, New Mission Systems International Two years ago, New Mission Systems International was opening The Fig Leaf Boutique, an upscale, second hand clothing and furniture...

I grew up in Central Florida, which provided me access to Mickey Mouse, beautiful lakes, fresh oranges on demand and space shuttles. One of my favorite memories is going to Cape...