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Our world has changed, collectively and individually.   Last week I was walking around Collaboratory and missing the energy of people meeting and connecting in the building.  If I am honest,...

When I was a kid, I fell in love with the band REM.  It was the album Out of Time that changed the way I thought about music and made...

The theme of a recent conference I attended was delivered in the form of a question, “What Drives You?” Throughout the three days I spent with other grant makers and funders...

by Anne M. Chernin, MBA, MSW, Director of Client Services JFCS of Southwest Florida Last month I had the opportunity to travel to the University of Florida in Gainesville to participate in...

My sister-in-law has a decorative plaque hanging in her house that begs the question, “What if tomorrow you had only the things you gave thanks for today?” Inspirational quotes show up...

by Mary C. Schoeffel, Development Director, The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) It is wild baby season!  Are you one of the millions who watch YouTube videos of animals,...

Over the past few weeks I have been telling anyone who will listen that it’s great to be 40…again! Those that know me roll their eyes while those who don’t are...

What's Your Word? Every week we will feature one of our Faces of Philanthropy in honor of the Foundation's 40th anniversary. Everyone has something to share in our community. Please engage...

When it comes to anniversaries and birthdays some numbers just seem to be bigger than others. Decade and half decade markers get the most attention and provide fantastic opportunities for...

Congratulations to the Southwest Florida Community Foundation board of trustees and senior advisors celebrating 40 years of philanthropy.  The anniversary events were kicked off tonight with the awarding of the...

I am wondering what your reaction is when you read the headline to this week’s column. Some of you might be thinking, “Are you kidding me, season in Southwest...

Most everyone enjoys a beautiful love story.  Whether it’s a best selling romance novel or watching an unexpected marriage proposal in a public venue we seem to be inspired by...

Last year 63 million Americans took time out of their daily lives to volunteer for nonprofit organizations.  The data crunchers who calculate these kinds of things report that if their...

I am generally a glass half full type of person. I am a delusional optimist about most everything including my work. A new year caters to this type of thinking,...