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Start A Donor Fund

The Fund Start-Up in Five Simple Steps

Ready. Set. Give.

Donors can quickly set up a fund by calling us at 239-333-GIVE (4483), or if you prefer to get started now, please use the form below and provide us with some basic information.

A member of our donor services team will get right back to you to finalize the process.  Once you sign the simple agreement and fuel your fund with cash or a gift of a marketable asset(s), you’ll be giving in no time.  Once your fund is established you can start supporting the organizations and causes that you care about most, find a sense of personal fulfillment and satisfaction in your philanthropic efforts, and make an impact.

We offer several types of funds that allow you to experience the joy of giving.  Click here to see how we can customize a fund for you.

The Fund Startup in Five Simple Steps


1. Share your thoughts:

Think about what you’d like your philanthropy to accomplish, then talk to the Community Foundation or your advisor. We’ll find the right fund for you.


2. Name your fund:

Funds are often named for the donor, the family or in memory of a loved one. Anonymity is also an option to ensure your privacy. As an information gatherer and idea generator, the Community Foundation will happily help you find an appropriate moniker.


3. Choose your assets:

Funds can be established with cash, publicly traded securities, closely held stocks, interest in limited partnership, real estate or tangible personal property.


4. Join the conversation:

Join us in the conversation about your cause. Let our team of experts help you navigate the terrain of giving, ensuring you make the biggest difference possible.


5. Start!

Cue the smiley face: One of the most memorable days in your philanthropic journey is making that first grant. The Community Foundation will help you achieve the greatest impact and make a difference on issues and causes that matter most to you.

For our future fund holders, we can file your letter of request and direction to have your fund ready to be established immediately upon your death. We have provided the language for your attorney to include in your will here to make it as easy as possible for you.