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Small Business Making Big Community Impact: Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on people, planet and profit

Small Business Making Big Community Impact: Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on people, planet and profit

EnSite, Inc., released its Corporate Social Responsibility Report yesterday at Collaboratory in Fort Myers.

A leading multidisciplinary consulting firm, providing landscape architecture, engineering, and planning services, has produced a data-driven report that chronicles the positive impact its emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR) has had on its business performance and the community. An effort, in part, to encourage more Southwest Florida businesses to explore the viable win-win strategy.

Since 2015, EnSite’s EnRichment Program – which uses the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as a framework – has measured and analyzed the positive impact its socially responsible business strategy has had on a three-tier bottom line (people, planet, and profit) that embodies its core corporate values.

Those core values combine sustainability and social responsibility, with outcomes determined by a conscious awareness of the company’s impacts on the three components of its bottom-line measurement: the people it interacts with and influences, the planet it affects through its decisions, and the profits it generates during its course of business.

“A business connected to healthy social, environmental and economic systems is a sustainable business model,” said Jonathan Romine, a partner at the firm. “We see this moment in our progress as an opportunity to share our approach through this report.”

The EnRichment Program report revealed that business success, personal fulfillment and civic well-being are directly correlated.

For instance, over the two-year report period, from 2015 to 2017, the company’s volunteer hours grew from approximately one percent of total work hours to 11 percent, while revenue growth jumped from four percent to roughly 17 percent.

An employee benefit encourages community engagement and allows staff up to 10 percent of their work hours for volunteer time off, an initiative that has resulted in staff contributing nearly 3,000 hours of community service.

Cameron Cecil, EnSite’s permit coordinator, said, “One of the best things about our CSR culture is that it encourages people to pursue what they are passionate about. It makes anything possible.”

Although EnSite has less than 20 full-time employees – like more than 90 percent of businesses in Southwest Florida – it has seen its efforts help advance the region’s economic, social and environmental sustainability.

“We have witnessed how small companies like ours have an enormous potential to affect change in Southwest Florida,” Romine said. That impact convinced Ensite that successful businesses can substantially contribute to regional goals as they help build stronger, more resilient communities – all built on a profitable CSR business model.

“If a small and growing company like ours can have such a large circle of connections and impact, think of the possibilities for the region if all businesses worked together through CSR,” he said. “By sharing this report, we hope that other businesses understand how their service to the community makes a significant impact for the long-term success of our region.”

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