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Putting Community in Collective Impact by Richard C. Harwood

Putting Community in Collective Impact by Richard C. Harwood

Our program evaluator Cindy Banyai, Ph.D. shared her comments and highlights on this report.  Check it out here and her comments are below:

“collective impact efforts must be aligned and calibrated to the context of community ” p. 6

“The success of collective impact depends on genuine ownership by the larger community that starts with placing a value, not only on expert knowledge, but also on public knowledge that comes only from authentically engaging the community. ” pp. 6-7 `{`why we need to bring the broader community voice into the planning of regional initiatives`}`

`{`so, so key!} “…engaging a community cannot be satisfied merely by asking people to react to data, or by using community conversations to “test” pre-set strategies, or by equating “engagement” with marketing plans. Rather, the starting point must be to engage people on their shared aspirations for the community. ” p. 7

`{`rationale for using Asset-Based Community Development`}` “Asking about shared aspirations is different from asking people about the “problems” they see, which only creates a deficit approach that inevitably leads to finger-pointing and arguments over pre-set solutions. ” p. 7

“Fit” involves more than just doing the numbers, collecting the latest information about programs and best practices, and aligning different groups. These steps alone will not necessarily lead to alignment with the community….Fit also involves knowing that communities go through several stages – and the key is to know which stage a community is in at any given time. Each has its own implications – or do’s and don’ts –for creating change. ” p. 8 `{`btw, I think we're at the Waiting Place on the chart on p. 9`}`

“…the key hidden factor in whether a community moves forward or not is its narrative…Many communities are dogged by an ingrained negative narrative…” p. 13 `{`this reminds me of how many times I've heard people here say ``Don't reinvent the wheel`` that the SWFL narrative?`}`