Giving Opportunities

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Bonita Springs Community Fund

Bonita Springs Community Fund Grants History


  • Bonita Springs Wonder Garden: The Eco-Camps will partner with the Bonita Springs Assistance Office to have them identify 100 under-served children, aged 7-11, residing within close proximity to the Everglades Wonder Garden (EWG). EWG would then enroll these children in seasonal eco-camps that would give the children an opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of SWFL, Central America and South America, and experience this cultural amenity in their midst first hand.
  • Bonita Springs Concert Band, Inc.: The Student Musician program would like to use this money to develop a program to coordinate the activities associated with the growing number of students who want to derive experience in playing with the band. The proposed program would consist of a part time person to coordinate the student activities, develop lines of communication with the students and the band members, develop mentorships with band members, develop a relationship with schools to report on their student’s experience and recruit potential students in the coming years.


  • Hurricane Irma Relief Fund – Reliefs efforts by Habitat for Humanity for residents in Bonita Springs


  • Bonita Wonder Gardens, Inc. – Everglades Wonder Gardens Environmental Learning Center


  • Bonita Springs Assistance Office: Backpacks of Love
  • Bonita Springs YMCA: YMCA Summer Day Camp Transportation
  • Bonita Springs Middle School Center for the Arts: Steel Drum Band
  • New Horizons of Southwest Florida:   Mentored Living Program


  • Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs (Arts) – Support for the Youth Arts Program which works on enhancing youth development to reduce juvenile delinquency and related problem behaviors through visual and performing-arts programs.
  • Literacy Council Gulf Coast (Education) – Support for the Mom & Tots Program for technology upgrades and iPads to give mothers and their pre-school aged children the opportunity to learn basic English language skills to improve their situations.
  • New Horizons (Human Services) -Support helping at-risk children and teens who are growing up in an environment of poverty, academic failure and hopelessness.
  • Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs (Arts) – Support the Center’s new performing arts center’s programs for the youth and adults of Bonita Springs


  • Bonita Springs Assistance Office (Human Services) – Support the expansion of the Bonita Springs Assistance office to include services for parents with children with disabilities, mothers who need support for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, individuals who have concerns and want to be educated about healthy lifestyles, individuals looking for career guidance or have legal, financial or business questions and concerns, and more.


  • Bonita Springs YMCA (Human Services) – For children in need of financial assistance for summer and after-school programs
  • New Horizons of Southwest Florida (Education) – For the purchase of additional computer equipment, specifically iPads and their appropriate accessories, for the Super Teen Club. These electronics will allow the students of New Horizons to download free educational apps at no additional cost.