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Let Us Help You

Let us Help You

Our Donor Services team stands ready to help you with anything you may need at the Southwest Florida Community Foundation.  We play a vital role in helping our donors make smart grants, if they would like our assistance.  Or, if donors have a special cause already, we stand on the lookout for needs to match their values and giving plan.  And for those who know how they want to grant their gifts, then we make sure it happens for them in a timely manner.

Concierge of Philanthropy

As your “Concierge of Philanthropy,” we can help you navigate how to give through the Community Foundation.  We can get you set up on Donor View so you can review your fund 24/7 and so you can make grants from it whenever you like, or if you prefer to have us do the work, we can prepare the grant forms for you.  We are all about making giving easy and pleasurable.

Knowledge of Nonprofits

We work closely with nonprofits throughout the region and make it our job to stay current on the work and needs of these organizations.  If our donors have questions, we are able to guide them with firsthand knowledge, and even set up site visits or tours.

Compassionate Shark Tanks

Often we will invite other funders, donors and Foundation fund holders to be part of our Compassionate Shark Tanks where the nonprofits seeking grants from the Community Foundation pitch their big ideas.  Because of these experiences, donors and funders have stepped up to fund WITH us, leveraging the grants above and beyond what the Foundation has to give.

Donor Login – Online fund management

Our fund holders have access to their funds any time online through Donor View.  By clicking on the Donor Login, donors can review past grants, pull reports, and suggest new grants any time!


Donor Login

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