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Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Fund Grants FAQs & Agenda

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to attend the iLab to participate in the grant application process?

Yes. We are excited to support you in your work and learn with you ways to create regional change for common good.

2. Can I attend the iLab even if I am not applying for funding through the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Fund?

Yes. The iLab is being offerred as a benefit to anybody who wants to learn a collaborative design process.

3. If I attended the iLab in June 2014, do I have to attend this iLab?

Yes. Each iLab is unique and meant to give attendees resources and tools that increase effectiveness.

4. Who from my agency should attend iLab?

The Executive Director and one project/program champion. We believe this combination of attendees will allow you to better integrate the practice of collaborative program design into your organization.

5. What if I cannot attend iLab but want to apply?

This iLab is intended for Executive Directors and one project/program champion in your agency. If one of you cannot attend, we want to work with you to identify an alternative attendee. Please call Jacqueline Ehlers at 239-274-5900 to initiate this process.

6. Is there an alternative event to iLab that I can attend in order to apply?

No. Both the Southwest Florida Community Foundation and the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation believe the experience of iLab is important to this and future grant processes. This is why we will work with you to ensure the right people from your organization participate in the learning event.

7. Is the iLab event the place I'm going to design the project I submit for grant consideration?

The iLab is to give you the tools and techniques you can use for future collaborations. However, it is likely that you will be able to use the techniques you learn to put some finishing touches on your submission.

iLab Agenda

  • Registration
  • Welcome and Introduction of Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Grant process
  • Topic 1 – Community Context
  • Topic 2 – Collective Goal-Making Activity
  • Mission Gallery Walk
  • Lunch
  • Topic 3 – Theory of Change
  • Topic 4 – Asset-Based Community Development/Appreciative Program Design
  • Topic 5 – Collaborative Program Design (logic model building)
  • Next Steps