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Goldilocks Weekend

Goldilocks Weekend

I spent the final days of summer in bed. Actually in lots of beds.  While most everyone else was soaking in the last “official” days of gold, I was mattress shopping.

Our old mattress had long passed the recommended 8 year mark and to hear the mattress gurus tell it, I should have been very concerned about what was lurking under my 10 year old pillow top.  I was determined to take advantage of the Labor Day holiday sales and bring my mattress up to code.

Once in the bedding superstore I realized much had changed since my last quest for a mattress.  I felt a bit like Goldilocks as the salesman moved my husband and me from one sleep experience to the next.  Some were too firm for me, while others were just too soft for my other half.  He would sleep on a board while I would prefer a fluffy cloud of mush, so we were struggling with the multitude of choices to find just the right fit.

Of course when friends called to see if we wanted to hang out over the holiday weekend and I declined they were quick to offer up their mattress recommendations.  There is no more adamant disciple than someone who loves their recently purchased bed.  Many said, “just get this model and meet us at the beach.”   My husband was in favor of this theory but I would have none of it.  Mattress shopping is personal and I wanted to feel as if I found the mattress that was customized just for us.

I am an advocate of customization and I believe everyone can win by getting what they really want in life. I advise donors to do this with their charitable giving.   Do your research because your choices matter.  Don’t give to something just because your friends do-they may be passionate about something that doesn’t work for you.

Spend time getting familiar with the organizations who are addressing the causes you care about.  See your gift as an investment in the future and expect a return on that investment.  Work with foundations and organizations that provide great customer service and a customized plan because in giving, just like in mattresses, it is not a one size fits all proposition.

And finally, if your giving plan is outdated or just not the right fit it’s time to have a Goldilocks moment of your own.  We have a special tool for this at the foundation many local estate planning attorneys love.  It’s called a letter of request and direction.

After many 20 minutes trials, friendly sales people and offers of same day delivery we made our choice.  The magical mattress was delivered at 9pm on Labor Day.  The weekend was over but our mission was accomplished. I was also comforted with a 100-day guarantee, knowing that if I had made a mistake I could change my mind and begin the mattress fest again.  I guess that’s their industry’s version of the letter of request and direction!

As I lay down that night I considered what other type of decisions in my life I give this much attention.  I had spent a good deal of time researching and shopping to find just the right fit.

It won’t take a holiday weekend for the team at the Southwest Florida Community Foundation to help you customize your giving to support the causes you care about through tax saving giving techniques.  But you are on your own with a new mattress.  As always, please feel free to contact me any time at [email protected].  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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