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This report, a joint effort by the Council on Foundations and Foundation Center, examines the current state and recent trends in international giving and engagement by large U.S. community foundations....

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The Southwest Florida Community Foundation has awarded $557,036.00 to both established and new programs that are designed to increase the quality of life in sustainable and equitable ways for Southwest...

The Southwest Florida Community Foundation’s 2014-2015 Annual Report is now available online at “2015 was a year of major milestones in the Southwest Florida Community Foundation’s work as active change-makers,”...

If you want to learn about what is going on in the world of building great communities, please mark your calendar for Thursday, Oct. 15, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and plan to attend the Mayor's Symposium at the Harborside Event Center in the River District of Fort Myers. Your ticket will include breakfast and lunch and will feature 10 renowned national and local speakers on urbanism, walkable cities, best practices for quality of life, and more. Some months ago I enlisted the support of my Colleagues on Council to host this Symposium and it is timely and relevant. You will also hear what is new and exciting on the horizon and who is doing what.
Last week, culinary students in Pine Manor served up a Caesar salad to start, chicken masala with risotto, assorted wild mushrooms and zucchini as an entree, and a four-cheese cannoli with raspberry ice cream for dessert. But for the 10 graduates, this lunch was much more than the three-course meal they served. The lunch meant a new trajectory to a second chance. The Pine Manor Community Center culminated its inaugural culinary arts class with a community lunch on Friday, July 11, featuring the talents of the student chefs.
This morning as I was pulling out of our driveway, I spotted it.  The first gardenia of spring and laughed out loud, jumped out of the car and went running in to deliver it to my husband.  When I arrived back to the driver’s seat, my 13 year old asked me why I made such a big thing out of a flower. You see, I am a Florida girl and never really spent extended periods of time in areas that enjoyed the “blooming” season, other than a 4 year stint in Virginia. During those years I experienced all 4 seasons and enjoyed two of them-spring and summer.  Summer because it met my temperature criteria and spring because I have never seen such a beautiful pageant of nature.  I was introduced to things like hydrangeas, peonies, azaleas, and cherry blossoms.  But my all-time favorite was the gardenia.   The scent of the flower was intoxicating and I planted the bushes all over our 10 acre property.  Something about the first gardenia blooming signaled spring, assured me I had survived another winter and that my hallmark season of summer was on its way.