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Dear Friends,

It’s been said that there is strength in numbers. Whether it’s a gathering of dedicated community stakeholders committed to creating a sustainable tomorrow for future generations, a region drawn together in the pursuit of shared solutions to pressing issues, or the collective impact of inspired neighbors like you, the outcome is always better together.

To glimpse a trailblazing example of working in concert for the common good, look no further than 2018’s pivotal chapter in the unfolding story of Southwest Florida.

Helping to advance positive and sustainable regional change, the Southwest Florida Community Foundation partnered with the City of Fort Myers to take a bold step into the future by revitalizing a treasured piece of the past.

This public-private partnership renovated the Atlantic Coast Line Railway depot in the midtown district of downtown and created a 13,000-square-foot addition to transform the site into an advanced regional hub of innovation: Collaboratory.

Too often, when talk turns to innovation that can advance social, economic, and environmental sustainability, communities can be too quick to think that we have to look externally and bring innovation in from the outside.

We believe our greatest strength comes not from outside us, but from within us. Together.

Our strength in numbers comes from our collective passion to build a thriving tomorrow for all of Southwest Florida, and we invite you to share in the regional mission of Collaboratory as we strive to not only envision our future, but to create our future.

In Gratitude,

Sarah Owen


Building the Future

With all the ways modern technology connects us, whether through email, social media or a universe of online communities, it’s easy to forget there was a time when the platform for that connectivity in Southwest Florida was literally that: a platform. As in the loading and unloading platform at the historic Atlantic Coast Line Railway depot.

Beginning in the 1920s, when the region’s seminal IdeaMaker, Thomas Edison, was envisioning the future while wintering on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River, the train station in Fort Myers was where com­munity members often gathered. Whether it was to see family and friends off, wel­come them home, or greet arriving visitors, the bond of community strength was always evident when people gathered together.

With a commitment to build on that com­munity strength and transform the storied train station into an advanced platform for innovation, the Southwest Florida Community Foundation combined the region’s past with its present to build a bold vision for its future: Collaboratory.

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Collaboratory is a public-private partner­ship between the Foundation and the City of Fort Myers that comprises the rejuvenated 1920s Atlantic Coast Line Railway depot and a technologically advanced, 13,160-square-foot addition designed to support the vital work of the region’s nonprofit organizations and com­munity members.

The initiative is a key component of the city’s revitalization of the midtown section of downtown Fort Myers, and the Foundation presented Collaboratory to the community at a “Party in the Park” celebration on October 21, 2018.

By establishing the Foundation’s regional office at Collaboratory through a long-term lease with the city, it is providing both stew­ardship of a valuable community asset and leadership in gathering and galvanizing peo­ple, ideas and philanthropy.

Just as the depot’s parallel iron rails once helped redefine the region’s trajectory, its renaissance rides converging rails of innova­tive thinking powered by advanced technol­ogy, dedicated community stakeholders and impactful philanthropy – a unifying regional effort designed to strengthen the future of sustainable social, economic and environmen­tal vitality.

Innovating Physical & Virtual

The very notion of Collaboratory is as much a mindset as it is a geographic location, serving as an organizing principle that extends far beyond its physical walls.

Yes, Collaboratory has a regional home base in Fort Myers – with vibrant office space for private and social sector tenants as well as interactive meeting facilities and technology resources for non-tenant participants – but, just as importantly, the model for Collaboratory is portable and packs the potential to foster complementary synergies among regional stakeholders in order to build a better tomorrow for all of Southwest Florida.

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“We were very intentional with the con­cept of Collaboratory as a space rather than a place,” says Sarah Owen, Foundation president and CEO. “We’ll be taking Collaboratory ideas and energy and events all over the region, and people will be able to connect to us digitally in what is a virtual hub that’s geographically unbound. In fact, Collaboratory work was already underway before the building was even completed.”

Funding Forward: New Market Tax Credit

Collaboratory is an innovative resource intended to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of the region’s nonprofit sector in partnership with business and government. As with many trailblazing projects, funding is typically one of the most difficult and compli­cated obstacles to overcome.

In partnership with the city, the Foundation rose to the challenge with a $10 million New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) deal, a financing vehicle that encourages economic develop­ment in distressed neighborhoods.

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Funding the facility, however, was only one facet of the challenge. In order to sustain Col­laboratory’s ongoing efforts, long-time com­munity benefactors David and Linda Lucas successfully challenged the community to match their generous $2.5 million endowment to fund in perpetuity the vital philanthropic work Collaboratory will undertake.

With inspired support from members of the board of trustees and Foundation donors, the community not only met that challenge, but exceeded it by contributing an additional $2.7 million, bringing the total endowment to $5.2 million.

Taking the LEED From the Ground Up

Located between Jackson Street and Central Avenue, the campus was designed from the ground up to serve as a model of sustain­ability best practices. Collaboratory will undergo a rigorous certification process with the goal to earn one of the highest designations in environmentally respon­sible building: LEED Gold.

Administered by the nonprofit U.S. Green Building Council, LEED (Lead­ership in Energy and Environmental Design) is among the world’s most widely respected green-building rating systems.

One of the primary components in LEED certification is energy efficiency. Energy-use modeling indicates a 50 per­cent reduction in costs compared to a similar-sized commercial property in the region. That savings will allow the Foundation to allocate what would have otherwise been spent on operations to its core mission of creating regional change for the common good.

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Another key factor in Collaboratory’s design is water management, an especial­ly crucial issue in Southwest Florida.

EnSite, a local multidisciplinary firm with campus-planning, engineering and design among its specialties, deployed an array of environmentally sustainable strategies. Among the most crucial, the campus was engineered so that 99.45 percent of potential stormwater runoff – up to a 30-year storm event – will be retained on-site rather than add potential contaminants to the stormwater system, which then threaten to harm local water­ways and estuaries.

Given the critical importance of the region’s fragile water resources to the economy and tour­ism, utilizing building-site designs that proactively protect that vital resource has become more important than ever to sup­port the long-term sustainability of one of Southwest Florida’s most vital assets.

Sustainable Collaboration: Purpose-driven Design & Technology

Inspired, purposeful work is culti­vated by inspired, purposeful space and technology. Collaboratory’s mission is to bring together diverse voices in a collab­orative environment, whether inside the facility or through digital connectivity.

Within Collaboratory’s flexible-use space, every design decision reflected its mission and intent, from multi-function meeting and conference rooms to out­door gathering spaces.

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Additionally, a key facet that empowers regional engagement is state-of-the-art technology. Collaboratory will be con­nected to the Florida Lambda Rail (FLR), an ultra-high-speed fiber optic network spanning some 1,500 miles in the state. As such, it will have access to all the partici­pating institutions on FLR, from universi­ties and other nonprofits to government entities that are members of the network.

This allows the sharing of data and information as well as access to off-site content at speeds that open up new opportunities such as virtual HD classrooms and other remote-learning resources.

Taking the Long View

Collaboratory opens a new door of future opportunity for Southwest Florida. And like any transformative effort, it’s poised to be as evolutionary as it is revolutionary. In fact, the very nature of innovation entails a disruption of the sta­tus quo and a degree of “what if?” – the answer to which evolves from today to tomorrow and beyond.

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And that’s already happening: sparked by Collaboratory, other regional entities have begun to ask “what ifs,” prompting conversations with the Foundation about how their own organizations might be able to finance other impactful projects through the NMTC program.

“We talk about how Collaboratory can bring people together from many differ­ent communities and points of view to create change,” Ms. Owen says. “I think the vision of what’s possible is going to come into sharper focus as more people are at the table to help create that vision. It’s going to emerge through the very act of bringing people, ideas and resources together. What we’ve created is the con­tainer for that emergence, both physical and virtual. We’re here with the frame­work to partake in the experience that will create the vision.”


Record Funds Invested in the Community

Your Money’s Impact This Year
Annual Report 2018

With gratitude for the generous sup­port of our donors, the Southwest Flor­ida Community Foundation achieved a record level $6.8 million in funds invested in our community in FY 2018. Encompassing grants, scholarships and other funded programs, that total rep­resents a 47.8 % increase over FY 2017’s $4.6 million. The gain was due largely to a boost in grants awarded, which increased from $3.0 million last fiscal year to $5.2 million in FY 2018, includ­ing grants supporting Hurricane Irma recovery.

Our total assets increased to $126.7 million, up from $112.2 million in FY 2017, while investments rose 13.2%, from $76.5 million to $86.6 million during the same period. The increases in total assets are a result of new funds, New Market Tax Credits, additional contribu­tions and investment returns. For the one-year period ending June 30, 2018, the Foundation’s investments had a 7.7% gross return.


In addition to overseeing the Founda­tion’s assets and investments, the Board of Trustees’ Finance Committee also reviews quarterly investments and oper­ational results presented in our audited financial statements, and annually rec­ommends the budget to the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees’ Audit Commit­tee oversees accounting and financial reporting policies and practices, the Foundation’s internal controls, and the independent audit of financial state­ments. The Audit Committee is also responsible for reviewing the audited financial statements and IRS Form 990 prior to filing the Foundation’s tax return, and reporting to the Board of Trustees.

The Foundation has earned the high­est level of recognition offered by Guidestar, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information, and is in compli­ance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.

Copies of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation’s IRS Form 990 and IRS Form 990-T and the current annual audit are available for review online at or at our office by calling (239) 274-5900



Grants to nonprofit organizations through Foundation processes. Does not include grants from Donor Advised Funds


Fund administered on behalf of the Lee County Tourist Development Council

ArtFest Fort Myers, Inc.
Arts for ACT
Barrier Island Parks Society Inc.
Barrier Island Group for the Arts
Bonita Springs Concert Band Inc.
Bonita Springs Historical Society Inc
Bonita Wonder Gardens Inc.
Cape Coral Art League Inc.
Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs
City of Sanibel
Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife Inc.
Ding Darling Wildlife Society Inc.
Edison Festival of Light Inc.
Florida Arts Inc.
Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation Inc.
Florida Native Butterfly Society
Florida Repertory Company Inc.
Fort Myers Beach Art Association Inc.
Friends of the Mound House Inc.
Ghostbird Theatre Company
Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra Inc.
Invest in America’s Veterans Foundation Inc.
Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation Inc.
Lee County Alliance for the Arts Inc.
Lee County Parks & Recreation
River District Alliance
Sanibel Community Association Inc.
Sanibel Music Festival Inc.
Southwest Florida Attractions Association Inc.
Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra and Chorus Association Inc.
Symphonic Chorale of Southwest Florida Inc.
The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum
The Laboratory Theater of Florida
The Music Foundation of Southwest Florida Inc.
Theatre Conspiracy Inc.
Town of Fort Myers Beach
WGCU Public Media
Young Artists Awards Inc.


Grants made to regional nonprofit organizations in the Foundation’s competitive grants process and the program funded

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast, Inc.- Beyond School Walls
Capital Good Fund – Equitable Financial Services for SW Florida Families
Center for Progress and Excellence Inc. – Southwest Florida Community Mental Health Clinic
Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida, Inc. – RMCM Children’s Mobile Healthcare Program
Family Initiative Inc. – Autism Navigator
Florida Department of Health in Charlotte – School-Based Dental Sealant Program
Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation, Inc. – Science Summer Camp for Girls – Assessing Environmental Change in Southwest Florida
Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation, Inc. – Demystifying Cancer – CRP Engage
Glades Education Foundation – 2017 AVID About Success
Gulf Coast Partnership – 2017 At-Risk School Collaboration
Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services – Dementia Respite Support Caregiver Boot Camps
Keep Lee County Beautiful – Mangrove Mani
Keiser University/Everglades College Inc. – The WE Series
LARC, Inc. – Support for the ADAPT Program
Lee County Alliance for the Arts, Inc – 2017 Dunbar Theatre Project
Lee County Domestic Animal Services – Learn what’s right, avoid the bite, a Lee County Animal Bite Prevention Program
Legal Aid Services of Collier County – Legal Rescue and Empowerment Project
Southwest Florida Women’s Foundation – Earn to Learn Program
Heights Center, Inc. – Arts and Cultural Programs
Valerie’s House Inc. – My Daddy Died from Drugs: Stopping the Cycle of Opioid Use in Families


United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee Counties

Disaster Relief

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
Greater Houston Community Foundation

Hurricane Irma Relief Fund
American National Red Cross
Charlotte Community Foundation, Inc.
Community Foundation of Collier County
Community Foundation of the Florida Keys
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Guadalupe Center Inc
Habitat for Humanity of Lee and Hendry Counties, Inc
Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida
The Miami Foundation
United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee Counties

Red Sox-Twins Hurricane Irma Relief Fund for SW Florida
Community Foundation of Collier County
United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee Counties

Southwest Florida Flood Relief Fund
United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee Counties

SWFL Cares Fund
Community Foundation of Broward



Featured on these pages below are Southwest Florida’s kindest and most generous donors who are either giving to the community now to support the things they care about, or are planning to in their estate plans, or both. They give to causes, organizations, and for the greatest needs in our regional community, and many give to support our work so that we can continue to grow the foundation for the future.

If you see someone you know listed here, please tell them, and express our gratitude, and if you see yourself, then we say a heartfelt THANK YOU. You are part of the solutions to many challenges our community faces now and as we all look to the future.


Whether they’ve established a fund, donated to a fund, or gave to support our work, our contributors give from the heart. Many give to initiatives that make our community the best place to live, work, play and learn, and many also give outside of our region to causes and organizations dear to them. Whatever the reason, many things could not happen without the generosity of others. Here below is our list of contributors this year:


Al and Nancy Burnett Charitable Foundation Inc.
Bank of America, N.A.
Fidelity Charitable
Florida Bar Foundation
Hendry County Economic Development Council

Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
SEI Investments/Global Institutional Group
United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee Counties
University of South Florida


Legacy Society donors are those who hold a fund at the SWFL Community Foundation or have an estate plan in place to support the community as their legacy later.

Albert and Enid Abdo
Hal R. and LaDonna Abelson
Carolyn Conant Adair
Rene J. Affourtit
Leonard Ahlfeld
Betsy Alderman
Audrea Anderson
Susan M. Anthony
Margaret Antonier
Pamela Arkin
Gary and Andrea Aubuchon
Christopher D. Ayres and Paulette Kish
Aurora Badia
Donna Baker
Carl and Sandy Barraco
Bruce Bates
Gail and Jim* Baumgarten
Grace M. Bealer and Natalie B. Fischer
Violet Belcher
Patricia Bell
Philip C. and Susan Bennett
Julie A. Ben-Susan
Judith M. Biddle
Marvin Birdt and Lynne Pankonin-Birdt
Jack and Shelley Blais
Naomi L. Bloom
Bill and Caroline C. Bloomhall
Sunshine Took Bobo
Henry G. and Marian W. Borneman
James and Marilyn Boyer
Lucy Breitung
Fern Brereton
Jay A. and Kimby Brett
Daisy Brosseau
Dorothy C. Brown
Rusty Brown and Bill Tanner
Frank and Mary Jo Brown
David P. and Diana M. Browne
Harold and Martha Burdess
Bill Burdette
Claudia Burns
M. Erick and Nancy B. Burton
Charles E. Caniff, Jr.
Marilyn Capaldo
David B. and Marjorie H. Casper
Jeanette K. Chelius
Dave Clark
Frank and Julie Colunga
Carolyn E. Conant
David Cooper*
Doug Cornfield, Sr.
Catherine Corwen
Mary Cosciani
Miller and Toni Couse
John and Gretchen Coyle
Bill Crawford III
Richard E. and Cherrill L. Cregar
Jeffrey Cull and Ella Nayor
Bob and Peg Cullen
Stan and Julie Culver
John and Jean Danemiller
Ira R. Dash
Ruth M. Davis
Jane E. de Lisser
Patricia W. Delisio
Jitendra and Saryu Desai
Julien Devisse
Marc P. Devisse
Matthew Devisse
Patricia K. Dobbins
Charles E. Dodson
Paul R. and Mary Douglass

Dawn-Marie Driscoll and Norman Marcus*
Richard C. Driscoll
Louis and Pat Dunning
Richard L. and Ema Durnwald
Todd Dusenberry
Gregory Earle
Arthur R. and Barbara J. Edwards
Carl and Elaine Ehmann
Tibor Rudolph Elder
Mary Q. Eller*
Kevin L. and Andrea M. Erwin
Ronald E. and Leslie D. Ezerski
John B. and Gloria A. Fassett
Ray A. and Jeanne Faubion
Robert E. Feir
Thomas G. and Barbara Fewster
Scott and Mary Fischer
Dean and Alice Fjelstul
Aline Flynn
Craig R. and Margaret H. Folk
Neal H. and Barbara L. Frank
Bill and Lorraine B. Frey
Chris A. and Barbara Gair
William O.* and Cassandra Gallagher
Sam and Kathy Galloway
Richard and Faye Gates
Claire S. Gogan
Arlene Goldberg
Patricia V. Graddy
Marilyn Graham
Amy Gravina
William and Diane Green
Sandy Oden Greenberg
Craig L. and Debra J. Guild
Gregory T. and Lorraine Gutheim
Grace Gutierrez
Kisa Harris
Beth Haely
Robert W. and Sheila Hague
Willodean Hall Simon
Duane K. and Marilyn J. Halverson
David and Andrea Harley
Elizabeth O. Harmon
Jim and Jeri Harriman
Christina Harris-Schwinn
Frank C. and Betty* Haskell
Elaine Hawkins
Jerry and Cristine Hayes
William and Andrea Hayward
Steven L. Heckler
Scott and Helen Heffington
H. Richard Hendler
Dennis J. Hendrickson and Judith R. Diamond
James D. Heth
H. Frank Hicks
Christopher E. Hill
Joe M. Hilliard
Larry A. and Debra J. Hobbs
Brian L. and Melanie A. Holaway
Kristan E. Hopkins
Dennis D. Hutchison and Ellen Sayet
Eric J. and Sherri Hynden
Dick Jacker and Carol Daniels
David Jennings and Liz Sotz
Robert P. Johannsen
Carol Johnson
Elena S. Johnson
Stanly W. and Carol L. Jones
Robert J. and Donna F. Kaye
David and Elizabeth Keen
Chris and Lisa L. Kelley
Constance C. Kelly-Lizak

Jerome King and Dale A. Reiss
John S. and Kathryne A. King
Robert and Peggy Kleckner
Kathryn A. Kleist-Derheimer
Wilbert R. Knipe
Russell J. and Gwendolyn L. Kraay
Joan A. Krick
Arthur G. Kurtze
Jeff C. Ledward
Howard and Marilyn Leland
Richard A. and Diane G. Lepola
David and Linda Lucas
Frances Luessenhop-Usher
Kathy Lux
John Madden
Susan Malach
David L and Frances P. Mann
Tom K. and Gay Manning
Matt Marderness
Gail Markham
Marjorie Marlin
John T. Marshall
Jeannie Martin
Robert R. and Pamela A. Martin
Barbara C. Maruchi
Joseph and Heather Mazurkiewicz
Marie-Michelle McCarthy
M. Jacqueline McCurdy
Carol P. McLaughlin
Martin and Sandra McLoughlin
Jennifer McMillen
Jack and Mary McNairy
William and Barbara H. Meek
Lynda S. Meeker
Philomena Mehr
Deborah E. Meisenberg
Joy B. Merkel
Elaine Meyer
Lee A. Meyers
William J. Mikell
Gerald H. and Sharon Miller
Henry and Julia Moguil
Frederick Moon and Georgene Echelard
Paul W. Morton
Elizabeth F. Namm
Nancy A. Near
Murray and Charlotte Newton
Thomas O’Brien
Rick and Chiyeko Ogata
Donald H. and Bonnie L. Olson
B. Pat O’Rourke
David B. and Sarah Owen
David A. and Jacqueline Owens
Jerry and Kay Owens
Maria W. Pan
Clifford and Christina S. Parker
Michael B. Peceri
Ronald E. Penn
Debra N. Penuel
Ann Perch
Erik H. and Lana Petersen
Robert E. and Carol A. Petersen
Patricia A. Pierkowski
Richard B. and Vicki B. Pitbladdo
Louis and Barbara* Pizzini
Larry Pomposini
John E. Potts
F. Allen Prather, Jr.
Bonnie Prator
Richard Prescott
Richard H. Pritchett III and Kathy L. Roberts-Pritchett
Mary Puzzo

Margaret R. Raizik
Robert R. and Catherine C. Randlett
Noreen Raney
Shirley Rasmussen
Marc and Beth Reisman
Thomas J. Rentz
Darren and Stacy Robertshaw
Alexander C. and Patty Robinson
Geoffrey W. and Robbie B. Roepstorff
John W. and Carolyn Rogers
Jonathan Romine
Rita Rose
Grant L. and Jerry Rosensteel
Julia Rush
Edward J. and Catherine A. Ryan
Pavita Sandhu
Helen Sarlo
David and Courtney Satkoski
Robert R. Saunders and Judi Ekholm
Karen S. Schlag
Lowell S. and Michelle Schoenfeld
James and Carly Schwartzel
Joe Schwartzel
John W. and Ellen W. Sheppard
Allen* and Elizabeth Shevach
William F. Shirley
Ryan and Hilary Shore
Robert W. Shrader
James Sievers and Samira K. Beckwith
Katherine Simpson
Diehl and Josephine Sluss
Brian Smith
Steven B. and Julie K. Smith
Ben C. and Carol Smoot
J. Tom, Jr., and Ann Smoot
Samuel and Madelon Stewart
Sandy Stilwell
Dorothy R. Stocker
Bernadine Stuefer-Anderson*
Jeremiah W. and Barbara A. Sullivan
Brian Swain
Madeleine R. Taeni
Lois Taylor
Jeanne Marie Telep
Pamela Templeton
Gay R. Thompson
Ruth U. Tobe
Stephen R. and Marie Tranovich
Don F. and Linda M. Treise
Gary V. and Gay G. Trippe
Nina Van Zyle
Aubrey Vealey
Don and Frances Waldron
John C. Warfield
Karen Watson
Kenneth A. and Beverly D. Wells
A. Scott and Adriana White
Guy E. Whitesman and Ilene Safron
Steven R. and Melissa P. Whitley
Georganne Williams
Diana Willis
Kevin and Karin Winter
Joseph and Patricia Wolf
Mike and Laura Woodward
Rodlyn F. Woodward
Howard M. and Ann L. Wright
Joan Wright
Larry Wright
Barbara H. Yeomans
Bill W. and Cristeen S. Zack
Stan Zell



Monique Applebaum by John Gilchrist
Darlene Ballinger by Stacy Ballinger
Forrest and Vickie Banks by Gaile Anthony
Jim* and Gail Baumgarten by Jim Harry and Charlene Baumgarten
Mario Biasi by Adam Ferezy; Jackie Biasi
Eileen Brown by Jane E. Cedrone; Patricia S. Kingston
Rob Brunig by Nora E. Burnham
Emilia and Gabi Bullock, Charles and Lucius Haberli, Cameron and Gigi Stecklein by Kurt Haberli and Gartner, Inc.
James F. Chelius Jr.*, by Denise Taylor; Paul S. Marshall
Don Chisum by Kyle W. and Aubrey M. Vealey
Maddox Cione by Barb Halpin; Charla Hodgdon; Diane Rindfleisch; James and Nicole Wallace; Jeffrey Slough; Katie Cione; Melanie Fueller; Rose Figueroa
Ann Comer by John J. Kerns
Dawn-Marie Driscoll by Arthur and Phyllis Rieser
Clara Ely by Damman Family Foundation: George H. and Kathleen D. Damman; Gary Louis and Karen Tapella
Cheri Fahrenkrug by Nancy Haynes
Aline Flynn by Carolyn Rogers
The Louis Goldring Family by Alan and Carla Mandel
Wendy Goldring by Alan and Carla Mandel
John and Beth Gunter by Rick Ranieri
Britany Gutheim by Jake Morgan
Katie Haas by Susan Goodenow
Beth Haely by Jeff Peller
Roy Hamon by Linda Hamon
Dave Harner by William E. Smith, Jr.
Penny Hille by Eve Bowen
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The Jerome Family by Alan and Carla Mandel
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Phyllis M. Pontius by Lynda S. Meeker
Paige Prator by Tim and Claire C. Miles
Chris Roberts by Sherry G. Kennedy, Mr. Kevin Eidson, Vaughn L. and Jeanne L. Cornele, Mark and Sandy O. Greenberg, Claudia Cowart, Monica S. Shay, Jim and Mrs. Ann McCaughan
Arnold L. Sarlo by Gene R. Solomon
Joan M. Schwartz by Gene R. Solomon
Allen B. Shevach by Donald C. Williamson, Sharon A. Presutti, Morton J. and Beth H. Crane
Roger Simone by Sandra Simone
Allen Turken by Judith Turken
Wellington Ward, Jr., by Melvin Morgan
Jack Wean by Gordon Wean
Sherry Wilding-White by Naomi L. Bloom
Margery Wilson by Lorin D. Kusmin
Marjorie S. Wilson by Janet Wilson
Wayne Wolfarth by Emily Alison Wolfarth


A fund of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, the Women’s Legacy Fund is a group of women who foster the immersion of women in philanthropy and develop the region’s next philanthropic leaders.

Contributors to the WLF give a minimum of $250 each year ($100 for women younger than 25). The first half of contributions is pooled for the purpose of immediate annual grants, while the second half is pooled into the WLF’s endowment fund, which provides additional grants to be made both now and in years to come. Prima Donors are local women who have contributed $10,000 or more to the WLF endowment and are committed to making an impact in their community through charitable giving.


Margaret Antonier
Aurora Badia
Gail Baumgarten
Samira K. Beckwith
Patricia Bell
Julie A. Ben-Susan
Lynne Pankonin Birdt
Naomi L. Bloom
Caroline C. Bloomhall
Lucy Breitung
Rusty Brown
Carolyn E. Conant-Adair
Jane E. de Lisser

Dawn-Marie Driscoll
Georgene Echelard
Elaine Ehmann
Leslie D. Ezerski
Amy Gravina
Sandy Oden Greenberg
Grace Gutierrez
Christina Harris-Schwinn
Elaine Hawkins
Cristine Hayes
Li-Su Huang-Javedan
Constance C. Kelly-Lizak
Kathryne A. King

Kathryn A. Kleist-Derheimer
Gail Markham
Jeannie M. Martin
M. Jacqueline McCurdy
Jennifer McMillen
Lynda S. Meeker
Sharon Miller
Nancy A. Near
Sarah Owen
Maria W. Pan
Christina S. Parker
Debra N. Penuel
Vicki B. Pitbladdo

Dale Anne Reiss
Robbie B. Roepstorff
Pavita Sandhu
Madelon Stewart
Pamela Templeton
Gay R. Thompson
Karen Watson
Adriana White
Georganne Williams
Diana Willis
Rodlyn Flinn Woodward
Barbara Hawker Yeomans

Women’s Legacy Fund Contributors

Marie M. Ackord
Karen Alley
Terri Alsept
Audrea Anderson
Mary L. Andrews
Margaret Antonier
Stacy Ballinger
Mary Winfred Ballinger
Jennifer Basey
Susan Bennett
Lynne Pankonin Birdt
Naomi L. Bloom
Suzanne M. Boy
Diane Breen
Cynthia Burgess
LaDonna J. Cody
Melissa Cofta
Ellen Costa
Lucy Costa
Beth H. Crane
Mary Beth Crawford
Julie Culver
Dianne C. DeBoest

Saryu Desai
Susan M. Dupper
Linda E. Estep
Aline Flynn
Lorraine B. Frey
Jennifer Galloway
Karen A. Globetti
Pamela A. Grant
Katherine C. Green
Grace Gutierrez
Katie Haas
Jennifer Hammond
Christina Harris-Schwinn
Kathryn Kelly
Constance C. Kelly-Lizak
Susan L. Knust
Nicole Laquis Stevens
Holly Leland
Marilyn Leland
Pat Limegrover
Cynthia Lopez
Sonya Lubner

Helen L. Mamarchev
Gail Markham
Jeannie M. Martin
Gail D. McClure
M. Jacqueline McCurdy
Nancy M. McGovern
Barbara H. Meek
Juliana Meek
Philomena Mehr
Deborah E. Meisenberg
Rhea B. Mike
Sharon Miller
Dora J. Miller
Tara Molloy
Melvin Morgan
Cathleen O’Daniel Morgan
Pamela Nulman
Chiyeko Ogata
Sarah Owen
Nina Paight
Maria W. Pan
Susan Patten
Vicki Pitbladdo

Renee Porter-Medley
Noreen Raney
Tyra N. Read
Mary C. Richardson
Robbie B. Roepstorff
Lori Sampson
Pavita Sandhu
Ellen Sayet
Ellen W. Sheppard
Betteann L. Sherman
Dorit Solomon
Madelon Stewart
Annette Trossbach
Robin C. Tuthill
Karen Watson
Diana Willis
Margie Willis
Rodlyn Flinn Woodward
Ginny Yates
Nancy Zentis

Women’s Legacy Fund Angel

Angel Florence Oden by Courtney Greenberg, Emily Walzer, Kathryn Greenberg, Sandy O. Greenberg


New Funds
All new funds in the 2018 fiscal year, as of June 30, 2018

Aris Employee Relief Fund
Bob & Carol Petersen Family Charitable Gift Fund
Carol and Stanly “Woody” Jones Fund for Southwest Florida
Carroll and Barbara Mack Fund
City of Fort Myers Fund
Dave’s Fund
Fewster Family Fund
Florida Bar Foundation – An Initiative of the Land of Opportunity Fund
Frances Luessenhop Usher Designated Fund
Frances Luessenhop Usher Fund
Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
Hurricane Irma Relief Fund
Jeffrey C. Ledward Charitable Fund
Jerome L. King Scholarship Fund for Nursing
Joanne Vorhees Scholarship Fund
Kathy Chisum Angel Scholarship Fund for Nursing
Kirsten Olson Unicorn Fund
Lee County Arts and Attractions Fund
Linda L. Mann Scholarship Fund for Music Majors
Marlin Family Fund

Mary Quigley Eller Charitable Remainder Trust
Mary Quigley Eller Estate Fund
Meisenberg Family Trust
Miller Family Fund for Goodwill Industries
Pat Dobbins Scholarship for First Generation Students
Peg and Bob Cullen Art Fund
Red Sox-Twins Hurricane Irma Relief Fund for SW Florida
Rising S.T.A.R.S. Teen Program Fund
Roger A. Caswell Expectancy Fund
Rural Regional Immigration Services – An Initiative of the Land of Opportunity Fund
Southwest Florida Flood Relief Fund
SW Florida Climate Change Fund
Swain Family Boys & Girls Club – Citrus Center Fund
Swain Family Fund
Swanson Family Charitable Fund
SWFL Cares Fund
The Edouard and Mary Quigley Eller Scholarship Fund
Thomas P. O’Brien Expectancy Fund


We consider this your philanthropic checkbook. Your Decisions. Your Fund. Donor Advised Funds offer flexibility in your charitable giving. You can advise the Foundation on how you would like the funds to be distributed or you can work with our team to identify opportunities for your giving to make an impact on the community.

Alderman Family Fund
All The Children of Christ Fund
AMI Kids SWFL Foundation Endowment Fund
AMI Kids SWFL Foundation Fund
Anonymous Fund #4
Anonymous Fund #5
Anonymous Fund #9
Anonymous Fund #13
Arts & Attractions Fund of Lee County
Aubuchon Family Fund
Bailey Family Charitable Fund
Barbara Harris Kite Fund
Barbara Hawker Yeomans Fund
Barbara’s Friends Fund
Beckwith Kanaan Sievers Fund
Bill and Caroline Bloomhall Fund
Bob & Carol Petersen Family Charitable Gift Fund
Bob and Pam Martin Foundation Fund
Borneman Family Fund
Bridge to a Cure Foundation
Burton Family Fund
Carl and Elaine Ehmann Fund
Carol and Stanly “Woody” Jones Fund for Southwest Florida
Carolyn Conant Fund
Casper Family Charitable Foundation Fund
Charles and Ann Dodson Charitable Fund
Charlotte Harbor Fund
Cherrill and Richard Cregar Fund
Christopher E. Hill Fund
Christopher S. Earle Memorial Fund
Circuit 20 Mental Health Supportive Housing Task Force Fund
Cull Family Fund
Darren and Stacy Robertshaw Fund
Dave and Jacque Owens Family Fund
Dave’s Fund

David & Diana Browne Fund
Desai Family Donor Advised Fund
Devisse Family Fund
Disability, Dream, and Do Fund
Donald and Bonnie Olson Fund
Drs. Ira and Udaya Dash Fund
Ensite Fund
Erwin Family Fund
Feir Fund for Children, Education and the Arts
Fewster Family Fund
Fort Myers Broadcasting Charitable Fund
Frances Luessenhop Usher Fund
Frederick Moon Fund
Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead – STEAM Power Camps Fund
Gail Baumgarten and James Baumgarten MD Fund
Galloway Family of Dealerships Charitable Fund
Gary V. & Gay G. Trippe Fund for Disabled Veterans
Greater Bonita Springs Children’s Fund
Harmon-Meek Gallery Fund
Harold and Martha Burdess Fund
Hayes Family Foundation Fund
Hilliard Family Foundation Fund
Hobbs Family Fund
Holaway Family Fund
Hynden Family Charitable Fund
Jacard Fund
Jack & Shirley Rasmussen Fund
James Harper Marshall Fund
Jeanne Marie Franziska Telep Fund
Jeffrey C. Ledward Charitable Fund
Jeremiah and Barbara Sullivan Foundation Fund
John and Ellen Sheppard Family Children’s Fund
John and Gretchen Coyle Little Beach Fund
Jordan Ashley Gutheim Foundation Fund

Jordan Moguil Memorial Fund
Jubilee Fund
Kevin and Karin Winter Fund
Kiwanis Club Fund of Fort Myers Metro-McGregor, Inc.
Ladies in Paradise Fund
Lee A. Meyers Fund
Lee County Emergency Workers Fund
Lee Trust for Historic Preservation Inc. Fund
Lucy Breitung Fund
Lynda S. Meeker Donor Advised Fund
Madden Family Fund
Manning Family Trust Fund
Marlin Family Fund
Mary and Jack McNairy Donor Advised Fund
Meisenberg Family Trust
Midland IRA, Inc. Corporate Advised Fund
Murray and Charlotte Newton Fund
Namm Family Fund
Near Family Fund
Norman Marcus and Dawn-Marie Driscoll Family Fund
Owen Family Fund
Paige Prator-Collins Endowment Fund
Patricia and Joseph Wolf Fund
Patricia Bottell Foundation Fund
Patricia Rentz Memorial Fund
Premier Properties Fund
Ralie Fund
Richard and Patricia Driscoll Fund
Richard and Vicki Pitbladdo Foundation Fund
Rising S.T.A.R.S. Teen Program Fund
Roan Heffington Family Fund
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Fund
Robert V. and Benjamin G. Miller Fund
Robert V. and Benjamin G. Miller Legacy Fund

Rogers Family Fund
Ryan Family Fund
Sandra Stilwell Family Fund
Sanibel Trails in Motion Fund
Sarah G. & Frank A. Prather Fund
Saunders Family Fund
Schoenfeld Family Fund
Scott Fischer Enterprises Fund
Sheila and Robert Hague Fund
Sidney and Berne Davis Fund
Stephen & Marie Tranovich Fund
Steven B. and Julie K. Smith Family Fund
Steven R. & Melissa P. Whitley Charitable Fund
Stewart Family Foundation Fund
Stuart Meyers Fund
Susan Bennett Fund
SW Florida Climate Change Fund
Swain Family Fund
Swanson Family Charitable Fund
Fletcher Fund for Organ Transplantation
Mavis and T. Wayne Miller Fund
Mediterra Foundation Fund
Peter D. and Eleanore A. Kleist Foundation, Inc. Fund
Twin Eagles Fund
Wealth Planning Group Fund
Unto the Least of These Christian Fund
USMC Cpl Thomas J. Jardas Memorial Fund
Velma Strattan Green Family Fund
Verandah Fund
Walter B. and Dorothy LaChicotte Donor Advised Fund
Warfield Family Fund
Weecho Inspiration for Students with Significant Disabilities Fund
Whitesman Family Fund


Scholarship Funds as of June 30, 2018
Note: New funds are highlighted in purple

Allen B. & Elizabeth W. Shevach Scholarship Fund for Medical School
For deserving students who graduate from high schools located in Lee County, Florida and enroll at the University of Florida College of Medicine.

Allen B. & Elizabeth W. Shevach Scholarship Fund for Lee County Graduates
For deserving students who graduate from high schools located in Lee County, Florida.

American Association of University Women Sue Gottcent Memorial Scholarship Fund
For financially needy Lee County women 25 years or older who are enrolled in any institution which is part of the Florida University System.  Preference will be given to applicants over 25 years of age and to the current awardee for subsequent years, with a max of 4 years.

Anne Sturrock Nursing Scholarship Fund
For a student pursuing nursing who is a member, or a child of a member, of St. Andrew Catholic Church in Cape Coral and demonstrates financial need.

Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation – Ralph A. Richardson Fund
For an Estero High School graduate, or the child of a current Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce Member planning to continue his or her education at a vocational/technical school, college or university.

Bruce T. Gora Photography Scholarship Fund
For a high school senior or a college student at an accredited Florida college, university, or applicable technical school who is a Fine Arts Major concentrating in photography.

Building Futures Fund (Fiddlesticks)
For children of Fiddlesticks employees who are pursuing post-secondary education.

Carl E. Brooks Scholarship Fund
For college bound students of one or more immigrant parents.

Carol Patti McLaughlin Scholarship Fund
For a student pursuing a 4-year degree at an accredited college or university who has a GPA of 3.3 or higher, demonstrates community service, and is from Lee, Charlotte, Glades, or Hendry Counties.

Certified Public Accountants’ Scholarship Fund
For tuition, books, and/or fees for an undergraduate or graduate student from Southwest Florida majoring in accounting and planning to attend a post-secondary institution in the five-county area of Lee, Charlotte, Hendry, Glades, or Collier counties.

Chet and Janett Perry Rotary Club of Fort Myers Scholarship Fund
For a student graduating from a public or private high school in Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry or Lee Counties pursuing a career in accounting and must enter college within a year following high school.

Chip Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund
For students who have completed 60 hours of college and plan to attend Barry University, FGCU, Nova, Florida SouthWestern State College, or Hodges University.

Couse Gram Scholarship Fund
For a Moore Haven High School student pursuing post-secondary education.

D&A Scholarship Fund
For financially needy high school senior or undergraduate student in Lee, Charlotte, Hendry or Glades Counties with a 3.5+ GPA attending one of the following schools:  FGCU, UF-Gainesville, FSU-Tallahassee, Flagler College, Stetson University, University of Miami, University of Tampa, or Embry Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach.

Daniel J. and Jane H. Berktold Columbia College Scholarship Fund
For a student who demonstrates financial need and is attending Columbia College.

David G. Robinson Fund for the Arts
For financially needy Lee County high school seniors who plan to study the arts in an accredited school.

Doc Keen Memorial Scholarship Fund
For a high school student who was an active member of 4-H or FFA for two consecutive years and attended Clewiston or LaBelle High School.

Doctors Ira and Udaya Dash Nursing Scholarship Fund
For a student residing in Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry or Lee Counties studying nursing at Florida SouthWestern or FGCU and demonstrates financial need.

Doris W. Frey Scholarship Fund
For a high school or undergraduate student from Charlotte, Collier, Hendry, Glades or Lee Counties pursuing a degree in Christian ministry/youth ministry, teaching, Christian counseling, nursing, or medicine.

Dorothy Curtis Brown Scholarship Fund in memory of Ann Nutt
For students interested in studying early childhood education in an accredited college or university who will pursue advanced certification to become an administrator or director at a child care center.  Potential certification programs include the Childhood Development Association Credential (CDA) or an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in early childhood education (ECE).

Dr. Janet Marderness Scholarship Fund
A need-based scholarship for Fort Myers High School graduating seniors pursuing math- or science-related fields.

Dunbar Heritage Scholarship Fund
For a financially needy Dunbar High School graduate of African-American descent to pursue a bachelor’s degree at an accredited college.  Must have at least a 2.5 GPA and enter college within a year following high school graduation.

Edna & Felix Swain Scholarship Fund
For deserving individuals who are members of the Mount Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church to be used for college, vocational, graduate or professional education.

Ellen Sheppard Scholarship Fund
For a financially needy Lee County high school senior or undergraduate student currently enrolled in an accredited college or university pursuing a degree in art (specifically visual arts-painting, photography, or sculpture) or nursing and has at least a 3.5 GPA.

Faye Lynn Roberts Education Scholarship Fund
For financially needy Lee County women at least 21 years old, pursuing a career in technical studies, court reporting, computer training, or nursing.

Frances H. Waldron Scholarship Fund
For financially needy High School Senior Graduate of Immokalee High School with a GPA between 3.2 and 3.4 who plan to attend an accredited college or university in Southwest Florida.

Frances Harris Gresham Scholarship Fund
For a Lee County High School graduate from a public or private high school to attend college.

George E. Judd Scholarship Fund
For a High School Senior graduating from a Lee County public or private high school pursuing post-secondary education in the fine or performing arts.

Gerard C. Mehr Scholarship Fund
For a financially needy Southwest Florida student graduating high school or possessing a GED, or to adult learners seeking continued education from accredited colleges or universities or training from certified job training programs.

Hotchkiss Scholarship Fund
For Florida Prepaid scholarships to sixth grade students upon successful completion of a mentoring program and graduation from high school.

Howard P. and Magdalen K. Breitenbach Scholarship Fund
For a financially needy student who was either a service member or is a child or grandchild of a service member, who was in the United States Navy.  Must graduate from a public or private high school in Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry or Lee Counties.

Immokalee Achievement Award Fund
For an Immokalee High School graduating senior who has or will be applying to a community college or an advanced education trade school for a course or courses leading to a specialized trade or job skill.

Isabel Mayer Kirkpatrick Scholarship Fund
For a Lee County high school graduate with a “B” average (3.0 – 3.7) to pursue post-secondary education.

James Bilder Scholarship Fund
For Lee County high school students to pursue higher education with preference given to students attending vocational/technical schools.

James D. & Eleanor F. Newton Children’s Fund
For the winners of the Thomas A. Edison Science and Inventors Fair

James F. Chelius, Jr., Esq. Scholarship Fund
A need-based scholarship for Charlotte, Hendry or Lee County graduating seniors who have lettered in a sport.

Jane Cavanna Bleakly Scholarship Fund
For a Haddonfield New Jersey High School student to pursue higher educational studies.

Jane H. Berktold Scholarship Fund
For graduates of Lee County public high schools who are in need of financial assistance.

Jay Sheppard Memorial Scholarship Fund
For a Bishop Verot student in financial need.

Jim Ilias Athletic Memorial Scholarship Fund
Scholarship to be given to a high school athlete who demonstrates excellence in athletics, academics, sportsmanship, and moral character and pursuing post-secondary education.

Jo Anne Olmsted Fund
For Florida Prepaid scholarships to sixth grade students upon successful completion of a mentoring program and graduation from high school.

John & Ruth Childe Scholarship Fund
For a Lee County student with a physical disability to pursue higher education in a college, university, or technical school.

John and Ellen Sheppard Humane Student Scholarship Fund
For high school graduates of Charlotte, Glades, Hendry or Lee Counties with a minimum 3.0 GPA, with a belief in a universal creator of life who are actively involved in school and student life with a commitment to help others through volunteer work in community, charitable or religious organizations.

John M. & Mary A. Shanley Memorial Scholarship Fund
For a financially needy High School Graduate from Charlotte, Hendry or Lee Counties with at least a 3.0 GPA (unweighted) studying medicine, law, dentistry, teaching (Math/Science), ministry, engineering, accounting, agriculture, architecture or computer science.

John S. Bleakly Scholarship Fund
For a Rutgers School of Law student.

Jordan Abdo Memorial Scholarship Fund
For a North Fort Myers High School student athlete with a GPA of 3.0 to 3.5.

Jordan Ashley Gutheim Scholarship Fund
Need-based assistance for Evangelical Christian School students pursuing attending Florida State University.

Judge Isaac Anderson, Jr. Scholarship Fund
For a Lee County high school senior who can demonstrate financial need with a GPA of 3.0+ and strong ties to the community through extracurricular activities, religious endeavors, or community service.

Judge William J. Nelson Scholarship Fund
For a high school senior who will be attending the University of Florida.

Julie Willard Mikell Fund
For a financially needy Lee County high school senior to attend a 2- or 4-year regionally accredited college or university.

Keen Family Nursing Scholarship Fund
For students at Edison State College who are motivated and academically qualified but are without the means to pursue an education in nursing.

Lewis B. Barber Memorial Scholarship Fund
For students pursuing either of the following educational paths: 1) certification to teach the deaf and blind; 2) seminary or pre-seminary school to study church, Christian music, or Christian education

Lloyd & Shirley Matthai Scholarship Fund
For Lee County single mothers with economic need who wish to pursue education in the medical or dental field.

Love of Bonita Empowerment Scholarship Fund
Books, tuition, and/or course fees for Bonita Springs residents who have been out of school for at least two years to attend a college or technical school.

Matt Harmon Memorial Scholarship Fund
For a financially needy male High School Graduate who played baseball from Lee County to pursue post-secondary education.

Mrs. Cathy Riedel Scholarship Fund
For Cypress Lake High students interested in pursuing careers assisting people with special needs.

Patricia Means Scholarship Fund
For a United States citizen High School graduate with a B or C grade point average pursuing a United States post-secondary education.

Paul B. and Aline Flynn Scholarship Fund
For students pursuing a degree from a 4-year accredited college in communications or journalism.

Quality Life Center/Emma Lee Thomas Memorial Scholarship Fund
For high school graduates affiliated with Quality Life Center to pursue further education.

Richard S. Thompson and Marion L. Thompson Memorial Fund
For Lee County students pursuing a post high school science education.

Robert A. Kleckner Scholarship Fund
For a high school senior, undergraduate or graduate student, who needs financial assistance, pursuing a career in finance or accounting.

Robert B. and Dorothy Pence Scholarship Fund
For economically disadvantaged Lee County students to attend college or technical school.

Robert C. and Margaret A. Schikora Scholarship Fund
For needy students who have previously graduated from high schools in Lee County to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities.

Ruth Messmer Scholarship Fund
For women pursuing a business career in college.

Sanibel Community Church Scholarship Fund: Next Generation Fund Trust
For child or grandchild of a member of Sanibel Community Church.

Shadow Wood Charitable Foundation Scholarship Fund
For Shadow Wood Country Club and Shadow Wood Community Association employees and their children (but not other dependents) to pursue further education.

Southwest Florida Deputy Sheriffs Association Fund
For high school student in Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry or Lee Counties who are dependents of local law enforcement officers to pursue post-secondary education.

Speakers Assembly of Southwest Florida Scholarship Fund
For a high school or college student(s) who applies for a scholarship through The Speakers Assembly of Southwest Florida scholarship process and meets the requirements.

Spring Run Charitable Foundation Scholarship Fund
To provide scholarships for Spring Run Country Club employees and their dependents.

Steven F. Lux Scholarship Fund for Police Officers
Provides tuition support to criminal justice students of the SWFL Public Service Academy.

United Christian Giving/Hodges University Scholarship Fund
For a Hodges University student from a Christian nonprofit supported by United Christian Giving.

USMC Cpl Thomas J. Jardas Scholarship Fund
For Cypress Lake High student in JROTC, varsity swim team, or media or arts who will attend an accredited two- or four-year college.

William L. Graddy Law School Scholarship Fund
For a financially needy first year law student enrolled at an accredited law school.


Community Responsiveness. Your Fund. Unrestricted community funds are flexible and responsive to emerging and changing community needs. Because you do not limit the fund to a single cause or purpose, the Community Foundation can be more responsive to the immediate needs of the community

Anonymous Fund #7
Anonymous Fund #8
Bernice C. Chipley Fund
Bonita Springs Community Fund
Christine Magaha McAllister Fund
Cregar Family Bonita Springs Community Fund

David and Patricia Halley Fund
Dorothy V. Zobrist Fund
Fund for Southwest Florida
Herbert E. Hussey Memorial Fund
Joan and Thomas Krick Fund
John S. And Jane C. Bleakly Unrestricted Fund

Marguerite M. Covington Fund
Mary Quigley Eller Estate Fund
Rebecca C Smoot Fund in Memory of J. T. Smoot and Martha Smoot Helgemo
Walter B. and Dorothy LaChicotte Fund
William C. Tepfer Charitable Fund
William R. Spear Fund


Your interest. Your Fund. Field of Interest Funds allow you to support the causes you care about such as education, the environment, animal welfare, the arts, or human services. If you have a cause, we can create a fund that will make a real impact.

Adonis Autism Field of Interest Fund
Ann P. Bradley Fund
Annie Lohr Memorial Fund
Arthur A. and Ruth W. Clark Fund to Assist the Poor
Bardo and Jennie Nicolosi Children’s Fund
Beatrice C. Heesch Fund
Beryl Berry Fund
Bireley Family Foundation Arts Fund
Carl C. Graham Memorial Fund
Carroll and Barbara Mack Fund
Charles and Roberta Church Fund
Curry Fund
Dale and Virginia Rice Memorial Fund
Dorothy M. Beall Good Samaritan Fund
Dr. Earl F. and Ann A. Riggs Memorial Good Samaritan Fund
Dr. Harvey & Nora Krieger Endowment Fund for Needy Children
Dr. Harvey & Nora Krieger Good Samaritan Endowment Fund
Fossils Fund
Fred S. and Geraldine Willard Good Samaritan Fund
Fund for the Arts in Southwest Florida
Fund for the Environment of Southwest Florida
FutureMakers Fund
Howard L. and Marilyn T. Leland Christian Charity Fund

James Harper Marshall Good Samaritan Fund
Joseph & Carmela Caputo Charitable Fund
Joyce Lee Eudy Charitable Fund
Land of Opportunity Fund
Lee County One Hundred Fund
Leonard Santini Fund
Lester and Dorothy Jones Charitable Field of Interest Fund
Lloyd and Shirley Matthai Animal Welfare Fund
Margarete Matheisen Fund
Marjorie P. Dowell Fund
Maureen and Richard Bashaw Field of Interest Fund
Nonprofit Training and Development Fund
Patricia B. Murray Charitable Fund for Humane Treatment of Animals
Richard and Katherine Simpson Fund
Robert J. and Anne Evans Burns Memorial Fund
Sadako Judd Fund for the Arts
Sigourney Esty Fund
St. Joseph Foundation Health and Human Services Fund
The Jeannette G. Shepherd Fund
William J. and Virginia V Brodbeck Fund
William Wood Alzheimer Fund
Women’s Legacy Fund


Your favorite organization. Your Fund. Designated Funds are established to support specific nonprofit organizations selected by the donor.

Albert T. Steele Fund
Alice W. and Ernest G. Hesse Charitable Fund
Bardo and Jennie Nicolosi Take Stock in Children Fund
Betty Suter Whistler Endowment Fund
Briggs Arts Fund
Briggs Music Appreciation Fund
Carl “Bud” Vietor Memorial Gladiolus Learning and Development Center Fund
Charles J. and Mary Puzzo Family Endowment Fund
Collaboratory & Tech Hub Fund
Community Health Association of Lehigh Acres Fund
Cora Mae Williams Gable Fund
Cornelius Huijer Caloosa Humane Society Fund
Daniel J. and Jane H. Berktold Habitat for Humanity Fund
Dr. David Cooper Fund
Dr. Frank and Julie A. Colunga Fund
Dr. Harvey & Nora Krieger Endowment Fund for Animal Refuge Center
Dr. Harvey & Nora Krieger Endowment Fund for Bide-A-Wee Pet Memorial, New York
Dr. Harvey & Nora Krieger Endowment Fund for Gulf Coast Humane Society
Dr. Harvey & Nora Krieger Endowment Fund for Lee County Domestic Animal Services
Dr. Phyllis J. Douglass Fund
Frances D. Armentrout Designated Fund
Frances Luessenhop Usher Designated Fund
Gladiolus Learning and Development Center, Inc. Noel Fund
Isabella Curtis Fund for Animals
J. Harold and H. Virginia Wand Memorial Fund
James D. & Eleanor F. Newton Uncommon Friends Foundation Fund
Jane H. Berktold Parkinson Fund
Jillian Prescott Memorial History Award Fund

Jillian Prescott Memorial Music Fund
Joan Du Bane Caldwell Fund
John E. Presser Charitable Remainder Unitrust Fund
John H. and Robert S. Sanderson Fund
John S. and Jane C. Bleakly Fund
John S. and Kathryne A. King Family Fund to Support Mental Illness
Kay MacDougall and Sons Memorial Fund
Lester and Dorothy Jones Charitable Designated Fund
Living Hope Counseling Fund
Louise Zmuda Charitable Fund
Marguerite and Guy Howard Fund
Mary & Jack McNairy Fund
Miller Family Fund for Goodwill Industries
Nations Association Fund
North Fort Myers Lions Civic Association Fund
St. Columbkille Catholic Church Fund
Steiner Endowment Fund for Temple Judea
Steiner Endowment Fund for the Jewish Federation
Swain Family Boys & Girls Club – Citrus Center Fund
Sylvia Meisenberg Arts Education Fund
The Jean and Joseph Christen Fund for Animals
The Knipe Family Memorial Music Fund
The LaDonna and Hal Abelson Fund
The Legacy Foundation at Shell Point Endowment Fund
The Maryan Hurtt Memorial Fund
The Salvation Army of Lee County Fund
Wilfred and Edith Berman Fund


Designed for people with similar passions, multi-donor funds allow donors to give at any level, but often require a minimum amount in order to have a voice in the choice or vote for annual grant cause area selection.

Arts & Attractions Fund of Lee County
Fund for the Arts of Southwest Florida
Fund for the Environment of Southwest Florida
Land of Opportunity Fund

LGBT Community Fund of Southwest Florida
SW Florida Climate Change Fund
Women’s Legacy Fund
Women’s Legacy Fund – Impact Dunbar


Your favorite organization. Your Fund. Designated Principal Funds are established to support specific nonprofit organizations selected by the donor. A Designated Principal Fund can be established to expend not only the fund’s earnings but also principal to the chosen nonprofit organization

Ding Darling Wildlife Society Fund
Edison Ford Winter Estates Foundation Fund
Estero Community Fund
First Presbyterian Church Alspach-Music Scholarship Endowment Fund
First Presbyterian Church Florence Young Endowment Fund
First Presbyterian Church Jim Johnston Endowment Fund
First Presbyterian Church Memorial Endowment Fund

Friends of Barefoot Beach Preserve Fund
Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Education Fund
Our Mothers Home Building & Maintenance Fund
Rural Neighborhoods Fund
SalusCare, Inc. Jan Eustis Children’s Services Fund
Sanibel Community Church – Mina Tamblyn Fund
Temple Beth El Garden of Memories Cemetery Fund
United Way of Lee County, Inc. Designated Principal Fund


Nonprofit organizations can establish an agency endowment as a simple and efficient way to build an endowment and help create sustainability for the organization. The agency takes advantage of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation’s financial management and administrative resources, including advice on increasing endowments through planned giving. These endowments provide an ongoing source of income for operations and programs

Alice Lockmiller Fund for Special Equestrians
Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer’s Resource Center Fund
Art League of Bonita Springs Fund
Bobby Holloway Memorial Corp Fund
Bonita Springs Assistance Office Fund
Bonita Springs Elementary School Fund
Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium Fund
Candlelighters of SW Florida Endowment Fund
Canterbury School Fund
Cape Coral Caring Center Inc. Fund
Captiva Chapel By the Sea Endowment Fund
Center for Abuse and Rape Emergencies of Charlotte County Fund
Charlotte Country Day School Fund
Charlotte County Homeless Coalition Fund
Child Evangelism Fellowship of Lee County Fund
Children’s Advocacy Center of SW Florida, Inc. Fund
Church of the Resurrection Endowment Fund
Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (C.R.O.W.) Fund
Community Cooperative, Inc. Fund
Cornerstone Ministries Fund
Covenant Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund
Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church Fund
Dr. Charles Waltz Memorial Endowment Fund F.B.O Gulf Coast Symphony
Dr. Piper Center for Social Services, Inc. Fund
Earth Shine Institute Agency Endowment Fund
Evangelical Christian School Fund
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fund
First Congregational Community Church Fund
Florida Repertory Theatre Endowment Fund
Fort Myers Christian School, Inc. Endowment Fund
Fort Myers Community Concert Association Fund
Fort Myers Rescue Mission Fund
Gabriel House, Inc. Fund
Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida, Inc. Fund
Golisano Children’s Hospital Fund
Good Wheels Endowment Fund
Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida, Inc. Fund
Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Fund
Guadalupe Center of Immokalee Fund
Gulf Coast Humane Society Fund
Harry Chapin Food Bank of S.W. Florida Fund
Heights Foundation Endowment Fund
Hope Hospice Fund

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Fund
Jacobi Endowment Fund for Lee County Pulling Together
Jocelyn Diehl Literacy for Literacy Volunteers of America, Lee County Fund
Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida Fund
Learning Village Preschool Fund
Lee County Alliance of the Arts Scholarship Fund
Lee County Medical Society Alliance Foundation “Reaching Out” Fund
Lee County YMCA Fund
Lee Healthcare Resources Fund
Lehigh Community Services Endowment Fund
Liberty Youth Ranch Endowment Fund
Life Choice Pregnancy Center Fund
Lifeline Family Center Fund
Lighthouse of SWFL, Inc. Endowment Fund
Literacy Council Gulf Coast, Inc., Bonita Springs Fund
Mark Sweet Memorial Fund for Lee Memorial Hospital Library
Meals on Wheels of Bonita Springs Fund
Mount Hermon Christian School Fund
New Horizons of Southwest Florida Agency Endowment Fund
Octagon Sequence of Eight, Inc. Fund
Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, Inc. Fund
Providence Christian School Fund
Renaissance School Fund
Rhea B. Mike Endowment for Child Care of Southwest Florida Fund
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southwest Florida Fund
Royal Palm Baptist Association Fund
Rural Neighborhood Endowment Fund
SalusCare, Inc. Fund
Sanibel Community Association Fund
Sanibel Community Church Youth Endowment Fund
Sanibel School Fund
Senior Friendship Centers Fund
Sonshine Christian Academy Fund
Southwest Florida Community Foundation Administrative Endowment Fund
Southwest Florida Museum of History Foundation Endowment Fund
SW FL Children’s Home in Memory of Katherine M. Flynn Fund
SW FL Christian Academy To Honor Rev. Jim and Jean Holbrook Fund
Teen Challenge of Florida Fund
The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools Fund
The Music Foundation of Southwest Florida Fund
Thomas Edison Regional Science and Inventors Fair Fund
United Way of Lee County Agency Endowment Fund
Verity, Inc. Fund


Watch some of our coverage of this year’s Foundation Community Impact Grants in action

  • Caregiver Boot Camp will provide half day workshops at the Naples Senior Center giving caregivers for those with Dementia, education, strategies for relieving stress, activities that can be enjoyed at home and an opportunity to socialize with other caregivers over a meal....

  • Visible Female Program -Girls Excelling in Math and Science (GEMS) project creates a biodirectional STEM mentorship pipeline of high school and middle school girls.  GEMS provides 9 months of academic......

  • By matching the FGCU Foundation, our grant helped to fund FGCU’s Cancer Research Program-Engage (CRP-Engage). The project will disseminate the university’s cancer research through seven programs during the next year......

  • 2018 Tribe Stories: this week we catch up with the girls and organizers of the Women’s Empowerment (WE) Series. Keiser University is providing a series of workshops geared toward female high school......

  • Family Health Centers of SWFL, Inc. (“FHC”) is partnering with Ronald McDonald House Charities to bring southwest Florida children the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile (“RMCM” or “Care Mobile”) a “clinic on wheels”. ...

  • This grant will support the purchase of needed equipment (a Hoyer Lift and Changing Bed) for a renovated “changing room” in the ADAPT program. ADAPT provides Adult Day Training for up to two dozen adults with profound intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities....

  • The Heights Center will develop programs for children and adults to promote opportunities for family and community development by providing various Music, Art, Theatre and Dance classes, which will increase inclusive access to the expressive and cultural arts....

  • The school-based program will provide dental screening, oral health education, preventative services of sealants and topical fluoride among children from low-income families and reduce racial and income disparities in sealant prevalence among elementary school children....

  • The "Autism Navigator" will provide guidance to families who are attempting to understand programs and resources offered by the school system, insurance benefits and coverage, government support, therapeutic providers, medical professionals with specializations to assist their children, childcare and respite, as well as any other Autism Spectrum Disorder opportunities in the community....

  • 2018 Tribe Stories: Avow Hospice - Avow LGBT. This grant from the LGBT Community Fund of Southwest Florida is to promote equality for LGBT community members by building on Avow 's current education and outreach programs through the development of a year-long community education program designed to meet the specific needs of the LGBT community in Southwest Florida....

  • This STEM program for high school girls will provide authentic summer research opportunities at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). throught a daytime program that will run for 10 days over the summer of 2018. Twenty high school girls (incoming 10th and 11th grade students) will be accepted and the program will focus on local climate change issues, in particular sea-level rise and hurricane impacts....

  • The AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) About Success program brings research-based instructional methods to Glades County schools to improve student achievement through the use of organizational strategies, Socratic tutoring sessions, mentoring, and college/post-secondary education preparation....

  • 2018 Tribe Stories: Valerie’s House With help from SWFCF grant, Valerie’s House will begin a program specifically targeted at children and their caregivers whose family member has died from opioids......

  • The Matched Savings for Education Program (MSEP) helps low-to moderate income students achieve their college graduation goals and do so with little or no debt. MSEP works by combining student savings with scholarships, financial literacy, and success coaching....

  • 2018 Tribe Stories: Legal Rescue and Empowerment Project. The Immigration Legal Rescue and Empowerment initiative will provide legal services to at-risk immigrant families through an initiative delivered by an experienced immigration law nonprofit....

Every attempt has been made to ensure that the information provided in this report is accurate through June 30, 2018. We apologize for any errors or omission.
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