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Annual Appeal

Please join us in supporting our Annual Appeal.

Your contribution will make a difference – right here in Southwest Florida.

It is going to take a community working together to make a difference, to move the needle and to create real change in Southwest Florida.  You could play a significant role in that because together we can do so much more than we could ever do alone.

This past year, we invited people from our region to imagine with us a community where business, policy makers, nonprofits, educational leaders, citizens, artists and advocates work together to create a strong network of services to help the underserved and solve issues affecting the quality of life in our region.  And it’s working!

We pulled together donors, private funders and other foundations to work together to pool resources for more effective funding of essential services in our region.  We leveraged our funding and our mission to attract new donors and national funders to join us.

Our focus is very clear.  We imagine a community where high school graduates all go on to college or a certified training program, and then gain employment in this region. We imagine a vibrant arts community that reaches everyone in their own neighborhoods.  We imagine comfort for all displaced and injured animals, services for the elderly, veterans and the underserved, and an economy that is diverse and strong providing jobs for a talented workforce.

We have expanded our role to bring the right people and organizations in the Southwest Florida region around the regional table to imagine and execute effective solutions together with results to our community’s most pressing issues.

We are guiding our local nonprofits in their work and helping them to become stronger so their mission will continue to be fulfilled at its highest potential.  Now together we can all imagine an end to homelessness, isolation, prejudice, hunger, poverty, abused animals, health issues and unemployment in Southwest Florida.

All we are missing now is you!  We need your support.

Your gift to this annual appeal is extremely important to the Southwest Florida Community Foundation to enable us to continue this work as a convener and vital change maker.

Your gift of $100, $500, $1,000 or $5,000 can make all the difference in imagining and creating solutions for students seeking scholarships, patrons of the arts, veterans looking for work, children and families in need of services, educators mentoring students, animals who are sick or injured– to everyone here who enjoys the beauty of our region.

Please consider making as generous a gift as you can.  Together, we can imagine. Together we can solve.




Sarah Owen

President and Chief Executive Officer