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Angels Aren't Just Cookie Cutters and Tree Ornaments

Angels Aren't Just Cookie Cutters and Tree Ornaments

Do you know an angel?

Chances are most people don’t see her halo or her wings like you do.  I have grown to believe that these ethereal creatures have the ability to cloak their kindness, often wearing beige and working behind the scenes.  But some are just so special that the people around them spot their sparkle and do-good ways and can’t help themselves except to stand in awe and point.  We call those people Angel Makers and we know a few of them at the SWFL Community Foundation.  In fact, we know nearly 100 of them.

Angel Makers have found a way to honor a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, or mentor who has everything except a tangible surprise expression of the Maker’s admiration.  Angel Makers give in honor to recognize her essence which will live on long after she is gone from earth and takes her rightful place where all angels fly.

Angels are publicly honored at The Foundation’s Women’s Legacy Fund luncheons and inducted into the Gallery of Angels at the Foundation and on the website.  The Angel contributions are placed in an endowed fund so that the WLF can provide future grants in our community in perpetuity.  The proceeds from the WLF Fund and Angels endowment this year resulted in a $30,000 grant to support literacy in our region.

Here is one very special angel revealed at our recent WLF luncheon:

Connie McCormick, Angel
Betteann Sherman and Winnie Ballinger, Angel Makers

Winnie Ballinger, Bettann Sherman, David McCormick, and WLF 'Angel' Connie McCormick with family

Winnie Ballinger, Betteann Sherman, David McCormick,
Connie McCormick and family

Connie McCormick was born in Greenville, Ohio and came to Fort Myers with her family in 1974. She was an office, hospital, and home health nurse, patient care coordinator, children’s’ book co- author, charter/ board of directors member of the Uncommon Friends Foundation, Lifetime Achievement Laureate, organizer/ administrator of UFF scholarship program, lifetime member of FGCU Town and Gown, and board of directors member of Moral Re-Armament/Initiatives of Change in Washington, DC.

Connie has been a loyal, steadfast, nurturing friend, a model parent, and loving partner while facing her share of life’s trials and tribulations with faith, grace, a smile, and a sense of determination to always be there for her precious family. Her seven extraordinary children are Cathy Knapp, Englewood, FL, RN, John McHugh Dennis, computer manager, Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA, Douglas Dennis, Attorney, Cincinnati, Ohio, Ann McHugh Brinson, teacher, Fort Myers, FL, Dr. Julie McHugh Persellin, assistant professor of accounting, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, Judge Michael McHugh, 21st District Court, Fort Myers, FL, and Dr. Danielle Dennis, associate professor, USF, Tampa, FL. Connie taught her children to be there for one another, but she showed them, by example, how to serve their community and humanity.

Connie’s husband and friend, Dr. David McCormick, summarized it best when he said, “Connie is a true angel, a thoroughly good person who has devoted her life to helping others.”

Check out the angels among us on our website and information on how you can honor someone who is special to you.  Your community will also benefit.  I’d love to hear about your special angel, please contact me at [email protected] or call me at 239-274-5900.


Carolyn Rogers
Carolyn Rogers