lgbt community fund of southwest florida

LGBT Community Fund of Southwest Florida

2016 – The Laboratory Theater of Florida: Staging Teen Success Through Theater is a mentorship-based theater program that will connect youth ages 13 to 18 who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender with successful LGBT adults within the theater community and licensed counselors. These will support and nurture the young people while they learn to better understand themselves and theater through dramaturgy work in playwriting and scene study. Dramaturgy is the research and development of plays. Youth in the program will learn to understand themes of a play and explore the social, cultural and historical aspects of a play. While participating in this program they will have the chance to work with older LGBT people from the community and learn about their experiences. Positive reinforcement and nurturing from the mentors and counselor(s) will help promote a sense of belonging and empowerment among LGBT young people.