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We are passionate about our education too.

For example, our research revealed that fewer than 30% of local graduating high school seniors filled out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form last year, which is required to receive most scholarships, aid for college or trade school.

  • Our regional call to action, called FutureMakers, has enlisted the most suited and effective organizations in each of our 5 local counties as partners in establishing mentor programs, with the goal of helping high school seniors determine their next step after graduation, and increasing student response to FAFSA.
  • Each year, we provide funding for numerous educational programs for all age levels in the Southwest Florida region and, during last year alone, we granted more than $440,000 to 73 scholarship recipients!

But, together, we can do more!

These and many additional needs are presented to us nearly every day in our region.