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We are passionate about animals too. For example, over the last 10 years, the Southwest Florida Community Foundation has provided $1,167,403 in aid to local animal welfare organizations, to assure programs that address the health, safety and security of animals and wildlife, such as:

  • We recently provided a grant to the Humane Society to fence in its Canine Clubhouse area, to better protect dogs and puppies which otherwise would have to be turned away from this no-kill shelter.
  • When the Octagon Refuge for sick, abused and injured zoo and circus animals needed help with shelter for a new tiger cub, they called on us and our donors for help.
  • In addition, we have purchased cages for Center for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (C.R.O.W.)’s new hospital for injured wildlife in Southwest Florida.
  • Provided medical equipment for the Animal Refuge Center’s surgical treatment center
  • Provided a grant to establish a new pet spay/neuter clinic for low-income families

But, together, we can do more!

These and many additional needs are presented to us nearly every day in our region.