Do you want to change our corner of the world?

We believe that to bring real change to our region, we need to think differently, and act differently. Over the last few years, we’ve done just that by working with donors, citizens, nonprofit agencies, and business, government and education leaders.

As a regional leader in social innovation and change, the Southwest Florida Community Foundation does 3 things:


We look for opportunities to make our community better and brighter and rally people around  these opportunities to seek solutions together.


We help people invest their charitable dollars in causes they care about most.


We award grants and invest our resources in organizations that are making life better for people of our regional community.

We invite you to join our family and invest in the community with us!

We are just a phone call away



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Give Your Way

We Make it Easy to Make an Impact

Whether you want to start a fund now and start “giving while you are living,” or establish a future fund, one that will be ready to express your legacy later, we can help you to give now or handle the details to prepare for the future. Based on the causes that are important to you, our team will work with you to determine the best approach to giving and pinpointing where your gift will have a profound and lasting impact and bring about positive social change. And, we will explore how to give for the most tax benefit to you and your estate.



It’s your fund, so you can give your way. We like to think of ourselves as the YES Foundation, with few rules, and lots of options. While we offer many funds that are popular here at the SWFL Community Foundation, your fund will be customized distinctly to reflect you and your wishes. This section will provide funds and giving information.
Ways to Give  •  Private Foundation Services


Whether your passion is animals or education, the arts, the environment, or helping your neighbors, we stand ready to assume the concierge role, if you wish, and help you navigate the possibilities of giving to best match your passion.
Donor Services


Wealth and Philanthropic Advisors are most often our friends in philanthropy. They guide their clients’ financial decisions and it’s no exception when it involves giving. Whether for passion, tax advantages or both, our wealth advisors are our partners in finding the best options and giving solutions for their clients. We’ve provided resources to help here.
Forms & Resources


The SWFL Community Foundation was founded on legacy gifts, and much of the work we do today is because of generous and thoughtful donors who planned their legacy to their community with intentionality. Check out these resources and some stories about what some of our donors have told us they’re planning to do.
Simple Language for Your Will


This special fund of the SWFL Community Foundation was established to enable women in Southwest Florida to direct their giving in focused, strategic ways. This section features many opportunities for women to get involved in philanthropy.
Who We Are  •  How to Get Involved  •  Gallery of Angels


The Bonita Springs Community Fund (BSCF) is a geographic component fund of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation. Established in 1997, this special fund supports the communities of greater Bonita Springs by providing grants to local non-profits.
Click Here to review recent grants to grant recipients serving Bonita Springs.

Development Team

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Your Community Foundation

Because we are entrusted with our donors’ philanthropic funds, our first priority as a community foundation is responsible stewardship of these gifts. We are diligent at managing donor funds, guiding investments with oversight from our board of directors and finance committee, adhering to strict investment policies with an eye on long-term growth, keeping donor intent, and granting with the greatest return on investment in our community.

Investing and granting charitable dollars entrusted to us by donors is something we don’t take lightly. Read about our investment objectives and check out our financial statements and audited financials.


Governed by a volunteer board of trustees since 1976, the Southwest Florida Community Foundation is built on a history of exceptional leadership focused on identifying and solving community needs.


The Southwest Florida Community Foundation is proud to be recognized and confirmed as being compliant with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.


Finance Team

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Ronald E.

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Leading Forward

Understanding Our Region

The Community Foundation constantly studies the needs in our community, engaging experts and interested citizens to discuss issues and solutions. We are leaders, dialogue starters, icebreakers, liaisons and advocates.

Resource for Nonprofits

We provide so much more than grants. The Community Foundation is more than a gateway to grant giving. While we provide grants to nonprofits, we also support them after the funding cycle by coaching and developing the leadership they need to build a strong organization that is part of a greater network of like organizations in the region. Our goal is to strengthen the infrastructure of nonprofit agencies capable of affecting the greatest change in our community – a mission that extends beyond funding and involves continual and meaningful conversation and interaction.

When We Start Talking, We Start Solving

It works. We’ve witnessed inspiring and passionate conversations, seen the spark of idea ignite into action and a regional partnership with nonprofit organizations or “tribe” that continues beyond a grant or project. This multi-agency collaboration produces better fundraising strategies and creates a united effort to solve challenges. The team approach also aids our mission in acquiring national funding sources while fulfilling our commitment of delivering a return on investment for every single donor, every single dollar. Working with our nonprofit partners, we are demonstrating visible impact on the issues. We don’t just talk. We aspire to solve.

Regional Solutions

Regional Scope, Regional Solutions

We are dedicated change makers, recognizing true power comes in greater numbers. By convening local groups and engaging the community in ongoing dialogue, roundtable discussions and collaboration around an issue, the Community Foundation is erasing county boundaries to create regional solutions to the toughest challenges. Our civic leadership and resourcing for change is now a multi-agency dialogue, one that brings together community agencies, business and government, funders and stakeholders. They begin to think beyond their singular group’s needs and ambitions, beyond city or county boundaries, to think together and to develop projects resulting in measurable community impact. We encourage our community to think big.

Calls to Action

What’s your Cause? Because we care about it too.  We care about the causes in our community that will make our region stronger and in turn make Southwest Florida more competitive for national grants. We are brokers of resources and ideas, pulling together the right people armed with first-hand knowledge of the region’s needs for action, encouraging innovation, results and sustainability.  It all starts with a conversation that sometimes leads to a Call to Action. “Calls to Action” often lead to shared action and result in formal Foundation Initiatives led by the Community Foundation involving lots of people from diverse backgrounds who care passionately about the very same thing.

Tell us what your cause is:

Click on the icon and tell us your favorite cause


Foundation Initiatives

It takes more than financial resources to achieve change. It also takes leadership. Foundation Initiatives are developed as a result of a Regional Call to Action.

These Initiatives are developed, often in partnerships with other funders, to address a wide range of community issues allowing groups to make decisions and take action frequently over a multi-year period.

The Southwest Florida Community Foundation launched two Initiatives this past year, each one designed to allow us to use our resources for maximum impact. Learn about them below.


We incubate new ideas and strengthen existing work through targeted grant-making.

The Southwest Florida Community Foundation funds grants in two primary ways:


Grants by Invitation

Agencies are selected by Foundation leadership to partner around a specific regional initiative. This partnership can include funding to support the work of the chosen agencies.


Grants by Proposal

An RFP process through the Foundation is not your typical RFP. Each RFP is designed as both a learning experience and a funding an opportunity. When the Foundation requests proposals for a specific grant program, the instructions and process steps will be linked on this this page. It’s important to check this page often.


Recent Grants

Community Impact<br />Grant

Community Impact

View Project
Women’s Legacy<br />Fund

Women’s Legacy

View Project
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

View Project
Bonita Springs Community Fund

Bonita Springs Community Fund

View Project
Scholarships Granted

Scholarships Granted

View Project

Regional Initiatives Team

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Fleming, D.M.

Fleming, D.M.

Chief Strategic Officer
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Banyai, Ph.D.

Evaluation and Research Specialist
Creating News
Call for applications to the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Fund

Call for applications to the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Fund

$250,000 will go to Southwest Florida organizations providing critical community programs  The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and Southwest Florida Community Foundation announced today that applications are now being accepted for local nonprofits to access support through their new granting partnership. Last month, the two foundations announced they were collaborating to create a vibrant grant program 

Cause & Effect: June 2014

Cause & Effect: June 2014

Great ideas flow at ilab for nonprofit leaders
The Community Foundation recently brought together 100 nonprofit leaders from Lee, Charlotte, Glades, Hendry and Collier counties for the redesign of the funding process for regional agency programs and projects.

Hosted by Arthrex at its Naples headquarters, iLAB 2014 was the launch of the Foundation’s new Community Impact Grant process. iLAB was the first phase and an “idea-to-project” event.

Walk to school for regional impact

Walk to school for regional impact

This year, our family committed to riding our bikes to school with our first grader and preschooler in tow.  It’s hard to justify idling in a carline when we live about one mile from school, but others do it all across Southwest Florida and justifiably so.  As a working-mother, I felt uncertainty about fitting a…

GradApp PSA with Sherwood Brown

GradApp PSA with Sherwood Brown

GradApp is available for download and viewing on mobile devices, tablets and online screens. The mobile application features comprehensive information about career opportunities, skills and education requirements for a variety of careers, links to jobs, education planning resources, available scholarships and financial aid, money management and more.

Next Gen Impact Forum

Next Gen Impact Forum

By invitation.

In partnership with the Florida Next Foundation, the Impact Forum is a setting to generate social enterprise projects to find innovative solutions to community challenges.

Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions

I have learned in life that there are just some questions and answers that are best to avoid.  Of course we all know from basic party etiquette to avoid politics, religion and controversial topics in certain situations like a family reunion, but the questions I am talking about are not nearly as weighty and can…